Bas de Màgia

The game takes place in seven villages of the municipality of La Vall d’en Bas (Garrotxa) and introduces players to traditions, heritage and local products

‘Bas de Màgia’ is a game that takes players on a trip to a gamified land with the use of technological and analogue tools: stories, maps, games, an app and a website to discover the municipality in a fun and educational way accompanied by the magical characters who live there. By playing the game, they will be able to visit the nooks and crannies of the valley and learn about its culture, traditions, heritage and local products. ‘Bas de Màgia’ takes place in all the villages of the municipality with seven itineraries. Each route features a magical being and is built around a particular theme such as peasants, bandits and life in the countryside.

The mobile application has been designed as a transmedia project for families, children and young people, who can play individually or in a group. To play, you need to acces on your mobile device to and select one of the itineraries. Once the first point is geolocated and after players solve a test or puzzle, they are rewarded with new information and can continue playing. At the end of each itinerary, players receive prizes and discounts valid for establishments, craft businesses and activities in the valley.

Burro savi
Mapa de la Vall d'en Bas
January 2018
Ayuntamiento de la Vall d’en Bas y Can Trona Centre de Cultura y Natura