Experience a digital adventure following the trail of the last Cathar

The user experience on the route of the last Cathar is magnificent and satisfactory in terms of landscape, heritage sites and services for tourists, but it leaves something to be desired with regard to the Cathar spirit and Bélibaste himself, who have gone unnoticed in visitors’ eyes. Therefore, the regulatory council of the Good Men’s Way and Alt Pirineu Natural Park have asked us to think about how to incorporate this intangible element into the experience. Our suggestion was to put stories, a soundtrack and gamification on a stretch inside Alt Pirineu Natural Park that goes from La Seu d’Urgell to Àreu.

The game consists of discovering and learning about eight places in Alt Pirineu Natural Park based on an existing itinerary and the songs and trails hidden in the area. In some special locations, Bélibaste left some songs hidden. The trails are themed according to the identity of each place.

The destination provides travellers with a story with multiple supports (signage, books and merchandising offline) and multiple screens (website, audiovisuals and app online), designed to provide a comprehensive and uninterrupted user experience in the storyline. The popular treasure-hunting game “geocaching” is customised according to each person and the established dynamic. It allows a physical and real relationship with the place complementing the virtual world and technology of our smartphones. It also connects the project to a highly committed and active community.

As a member of the Eurotransmedia consortium, the technology centre Eurecat selected the project as one of the best European transmedia practices. The presentation took place in Paris on 10 June 2016 as part of the “Futur en Seine” festival, considered one of the most important digital innovation events in Europe.

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Enero 2015
Camí dels Bons Homes y Parque Natural del Alto Pirineo