Camins de Martí Sarroca

Camins de Sant Martí Sarroca is a project that emerged to highlight the heritage of the monumental complex of Sant Martí Sarroca (Penedés).

Based on the landscape, the rural roads and the need for territorial development, we proposed a tourism system to enhance that heritage, designing five eco-tourism routes based on roads that were centred on the heritage complex, connecting it with the current range of accommodation, food and drink and themed according to the local scenic, historical and cultural identity. These routes were revitalised with elements and events adapting the land and its heritage to tourist use with special resources, infrastructure and actions. Finally, we incorporated web, mobile and storytelling technology for a self-guided visit through a geoportal, themed stories in book format and geopositioned and gamified itineraries.

A real tourist system was created for this project, which ran until 2014. The system included an information centre, merchandising, invigoration of the local area, attendance at trade fairs and events and other forms of promotion.

Camins de Martí Sarroca
Camins de Martí Sarroca
2011 – 2016
Ajuntament de Sant Martí Sarroca