CATCAR: an innovative digital service based on intangible heritage

We present CATCAR, an innovative cross-border project related to intangible heritage. The goal of the programme is to make the Carolingian world (8th-10th centuries) accessible to all, a historic period that foreshadowed the construction of today’s European Union, thanks to technology.

Iternatura has developed several analogue and digital tools to highlight the importance of this heritage: a gamified application with eight itineraries in Carolingian spaces in north and south Catalonia, an educational application featuring game and learning dynamics, which include immersive experiences in L’Esquerda Archaeological Museum (Roda de Ter) and the Palace of the Kings of Majorca (Perpignan), a digital educational pack aimed at teachers and promotional material (a video, brochures, posters and merchandising).

Lead Partner: Institut d’Estudis Catalans