Geopark game

Geology is a complex science that is sometimes hard to disseminate. We present the Geopark game, a project we developed on behalf of Central Catalonia and Bages County Council’s UNESCO Geopark, designed to foster understanding of this discipline. A gamified application that features a total of 15 itineraries with various game mechanics in which the mole is the character accompanying us on this adventure to discover the treasures of these unique surroundings. And he puts a mission to us: we will have to dig deep (but virtually, ok?) to find the Geopark’s treasures in the form of fossils, rocks and minerals, veritable witnesses to the history of our planet.

The project is available in four languages (CA/ES/EN/FR) and can be accessed via mobile at

Consell Comarcal del Bages and Geoparc UNESCO