Five routes run through areas of interest in Olèrdola (Penedès) with a game that invites you to solve puzzles and pass small tests that allow you to get rewards.

With the aim of bringing Olèrdola’s heritage to a wider audience in a playful way, the Olèrdola Municipal Council has activated “Vestigis”, an online game that presents five routes highlighting the four points of tourist interest in Olèrdola, such as Moja, Sant Pere Molanta, Viladellops and Olèrdola hill, with the Pla dels Albats as the epicentre.

The game was inspired by historical comics that were published in recent years, about different periods in Olèrdola’s history. Along each of the five routes, visitors are invited to help Estanis, a scatterbrained archaeologist, to sort out the mess he has made of the heritage and historical periods that have left their mark on Olèrdola. Following the various itineraries, the player will have to solve questions, riddles and short tests, for which rewards will be given. Through this game, players will get to know the landscape, church ruins, medieval houses and cellars, cemeteries and lots of little secrets.

To play, gain access through the free web-app , the map-guide that can be downloaded from the website or ask for it at the Olèrdola tourist information centre.

Olèrdola Municipal Council